Slim Automatic Pen

SA220 Empty lip Liner Pen Twist Up Design

Empty cosmetic pen with different usage . Twist up design

1.5MM Slim eyebrow pen with brush

Slim empty eyebrow pen packaging twist up design with brush on the other side

3 in 1 Plastic Eyebrow Pen

3 in 1 eyebrow pen package

SA101 Cosmetic Pen Empty Eyeliner Pencil Twist Up design

Hot sale classic style empty cosmetic pen packaging ,Twist up design .different usages. different colors is available.

SA214 Double Ended Empty Cosmetic lipstick pen Packaging With Sponge Tip

Double ended cosmetic pen empty plastic lipstick pen packaging with sponge tip

SA204 Double Ended Twist Up Design Slim Eyebrow Pen Packaging With Brush Applicator

Double ended custom made twist up design plastic slim eyebrow pen packaging with brush applicator ,different color is available.